Blast the Backs of your Legs with Single Leg Romanian Dead Lifts

Are you ready to get superior glutes? If so, then the single leg Romanian dead-lift is the best exercise option for you!

Set Up

Stand on your right leg, slightly bending the right knee, with a dumbbell in your left hand. Put your right hand on your right hip.
Left foot is slightly off the ground.
Find a point on the floor about three feet in front of you to stare at.

Downward Movement

Balance on the right leg and slowly bend the hips and lift the left leg while lowering the dumb bell until it reaches the middle of your right shin.
Keep your back flat and your head up. For every inch that your back lowers, your left leg should lift an inch. Think about becoming a human “teeter-toter”

Upward Movement

Squeeze your right glut muscle and abs. Push through your right heel and stand back up, pushing with your hamstring and glut muscles.
Switch legs and hands. Repeat the exercise on the left side.

Switch legs and repeat

For best results, perform this exercise at least 3x/week

Week 1: 3×15 body weight
Week 2: 3×12 15lb+ dumb bell
Week 3: 4×10: 20lb+ dumb bell
Week 4: 4×8 25 lbs + dumb bell