Caroline Thrasher

Lauren Kern is easily the best trainer I have ever worked with; she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. She genuinely wants all her clients to succeed and does everything within her power to make that happen. She is so knowledgeable and committed to both training and nutrition that I found it impossible not to see results while following her program. Lauren has a detailed training program to follow at each session and a detailed meal plan to follow at home–she makes it so easy! She also includes such variety in both the workouts and the meal plan that I never get bored, which helps me stay on track!

One thing that’s really unique about Lauren is that she knows how to accommodate injuries or physical constrains without compromising the intensity of a work out. I have a knee injury that she works around with no problem, and I never feel like she takes it easy on me just because of my injury. When coming up with exercises, Lauren always takes my knee into account and has me try out the exercises to make sure they don’t cause me any pain. If they do, her vast fitness knowledge allows her to quickly adapt and find an exercise to accomplish the same physical goal without any discomfort.

Another thing that separates Lauren from other trainers is that she is extremely accommodating and respectful of your time. Other trainers I’ve worked with are very inflexible and any change in schedule results in a canceled work out, but Lauren comes to the gym at my apartment complex to train and always finds a way to work around both my school and personal schedule. I love working with Lauren and if you have a fitness or weight loss goal I know that she can absolutely help you achieve it!