Home Remedies for Upper-Cross Syndrome (and Shoulder Impingement Syndrome)

The shoulder is both the most mobile joint in the human body and the least stable joint in the body, which lends it most vulnerable to injury.


Our daily chores, poor postural habits, and our negligence to keep our backs and shoulder-stabilizing muscles strong are all contributing factors to our poor upper-body posture, which is often labeled as “Upper-Cross Syndrome.”


An all too frequent result of this postural distortion (caused by a muscular imbalance) is neck and shoulder pain, especially when performing movements like chest presses and push-ups. The pain often worsens when performing incline chest presses, overhead presses, and lateral (side) shoulder raises. Continuous aggravation to this condition can ultimately lead to tightening of the lower arm while resulting in conditions such as tennis elbow and a variety of other “fun” complications.


Maybe you have been told that you have poor posture or have noticed it yourself. Maybe you are having constant neck-pain, tension headaches, difficulty lifting your arms in certain plains of motion, or problems in your sport or general exercise due to scapular/shoulder/neck-related pain.


If you do, then rest assured… there is a ton that you can do at home in order to decrease your pain, increase joint mobility, and strengthen the muscles necessary for proper shoulder stability.


You can become your own physical therapist by following these simple tips and by allocating 30 minutes everyday toward becoming a stronger and more stable you!

Step 1: Stretches to Avoid

Such stretches continue to place stress on an already over-stressed joint and encourage that joint to stay in an already unhealthy position.

Step 2: Stretches to Incorporate Daily (the more, the better!)

(The latissimus doors stretch is best performed when thumbs are pointed UP toward the ceiling/sky as shown in left/below photo)

Step 3: Continue to Gently Strengthen your Endurance Stabilizing Muscles by repeating the following exercises:

Note: The following exercises can be completed using exercise bands and/or bodyweight. I strongly reccomend “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap,” Ect, available on Amazon Prime for $28.00)



I usually say good-bye by encouraging you to keep on pushing, but pushing is contraindicative of good posture. So, I’m gonna be a different kind of coach today and advise you to KEEP ON PULLING!!! Crank those back muscles, work your rear-delts, and stay tuned for an upcoming back-strengthening program to follow your shoulder rehab agenda 🙂


Stay Strong, Stay Committed, and Keep that Spine in Line!