Personal Trainer, Lauren Kern, demonstrates how to do a split squat with rotation

Happy Single’s Awareness Month! While our non-single friends are out celebrating their love for pasta dinners and chocolate truffle deserts, we will be reducing our “love handles” by implementing some fun full-body exercises that also target our oblique areas

The split squat is a great exercise for tightening up the legs and butt. Adding an upper-body rotation to this movement will help target the love handles aka the oblique region.

Here is how to perform the exercise:

Step 1: Stand in a split stance with one foot forward

Step 2: Lower your hips by bending the knees. Do not let your front knee pass your toes.

Step 3: When your back knee is just above the floor, twist your torso in the direction of your front leg. Make sure to keep your chest and torso upright.

Step 4: Reverse to center and push back up to the starting position

Perform 15 split squats with rotation on 1 leg without stopping. Then, switch legs and repeat for 15 more repetitions without stopping. Rest for 30-90 seconds and repeat. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps per leg each day this month.