Shrink up your saddlebags with cross-legged split squats

The cross-legged split squat is the best beginning move for those wishing to decrease size and/or tighten their outer glutes.

Set Up

With feet parallel, cross your legs diagonally so that the back of your front leg and front of your back leg are touching.
Your front foot should be about 1 foot in front of your back foot

Downward Movement

Bend both knees until the front kneecap is just over the front toes and the back kneecap is just about 1 inch above the floor
The back kneecap should land just outside the front ankle
Try to keep the hips as straight-forward as possible.

Upward Movement

Pushing through the outer glutes, return to standing position while trying to keep the hips pointed straight ahead
Switch Legs and repeat

For best results, perform this exercise at least 3x/week

Week 1: 3×15 bodyweight

Week 2: 3×12 10lb+ (2 dumb bells weighing at least 5 lbs each)

Week 3: 4×10: 20lbs+ (2 dumb bells weighing at least 10 lbs each)

Week 4: 4×8 30 lbs+ (2 dumb bells weighing 15 lbs each