Stephanie Meadows

I can’t say enough positive things about Lauren. I was referred to her when I was 12 weeks pregnant and wanted a trainer that was knowledgeable in training pregnant clients. I had a pretty good workout routine to begin with but was very nervous as to what I could and couldn’t do as my muscles began to shift to accommodate my little one. Lauren was careful but also knew that I wanted to maintain a certain amount of fitness so it wasn’t extremely hard to return to my pre baby body after I gave birth. We trained almost up until my due date, my pregnancy was as easy as they get, and my little one’s arrival was relatively quick and easy due to the fact that I had maintained good muscle tone and endurance! Afterwards, when I was approved from my doctor to start working out postpartum Lauren eased me back into a good paced routine, making it a little tougher each week knowing my goals and after one month I was/am back in my old jeans!!! Thank you Lauren, this is one happy mama!! 🙂