Tiffany Alvord

I trained with Lauren back in February of 2010. My starting weight was 142 lbs and I’m 5’9″. I came to Lauren with a goal to get down to my ideal weight of 125 and in time for my birthday in April! I lifted weights with her and she put me on the stair master for cardio. I stuck to a nutrition plan that she custom did for me. The nutrition plan was so easy for me to follow i never felt like i was dieting!! She suggested i start with changing one meal a day and work up from there. I accomplished my weight loss goals and looked and felt great for my birthday! I saw incredible results within a short period of time. I have trained with many other trainers for years and never saw results. But i feel Lauren truly is the best. One other thing i was concerned about was lifting too much weight and becoming masculine looking. But Lauren told me women have to lift way more then men to get the same results. I felt so strong by the end of our time together. Mentally, physically and emotionally and developed thin lean muscle mass and endurance!! If i still lived in Los Angeles i would still be using Lauren today!! Now i use her website, youtube and what she taught me to maintain my weight!